Five Stellar Tips to Help You Attract, Hire, and Retain the Top Sales Talent

April 3, 2018 Posted by Inside Sales, Recruitment 1 thought on “Five Stellar Tips to Help You Attract, Hire, and Retain the Top Sales Talent”

Sales is an important aspect of business, and closing big sales or a large volume of sales takes considerable talent. At the heart of a sales organisation are sales leaders committed to ensuring their sales teams hit quotas, chase aggressive goals, and remain productive. Not everyone can be a stellar sales talent. So, how can you find and keep these top performing sales employees on your staff? Here are five keys to fostering a successful sales culture and retaining your top performers.

Keep the Door Open

Predicting when lighting will strike is a tall task. You never know when once-in-a-lifetime talent is going to present itself to you. A lot of companies and organizations make the simple mistake of keeping their hiring, recruitment period to about roughly two weeks annually. How can you find the best talent in two weeks time? Does a window this small encourage talent to seek you out and reach out to you? The answer is no. However, the solution to this is simple. Always keep the door open. Recruitment is not a process that should ever end. If you want the best talent working for your sales staff, you need to be consistently recruiting and working on relationships with talent regardless if you have open positions or not.

The Reward 

People are motivated by a lot of different things, but compensation will always be a strong motivator especially for the individuals who are the top talent. If you want the best sales talent, you need to pay them like they are the best sales talent. There are a number of different ways to set-up your rewards structure for sellers, but the point remains the same. To get the best talent on your side you need to make it worth their while because when it comes to the top talent someone is going to offer them compensation that is in-line with the talents they bring to the table. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.


Do you know why a lot of baseball players want to play for the New York Yankees? A lot of people want to play for the Yankees because the brand is strong. It is associated with winning and being the best. This can be applied to the way you attract talent too. If you can create a brand image of success and value, you will attract more talented individuals to come and work for your sales staff. Do not underestimate the value of having a strong brand when it comes to the recruitment of talent.

Attraction is only part of the equation. So once you have them on-board, how do you retain top talent?

Invest in Development

Investing in your employees is a great way to engage them and make them feel like a valued member of your organization. This also builds loyalty. Offer your sales team programs and training sessions to help them develop their skills. Offer things that help teach your team new skills that can benefit them not only professionally but also personally. Keeping talent in your organization starts with making sure that they know that their efforts are appreciated and that they are valued members of the team.

Challenge Them

Challenging talent is essential when it comes to retaining their skills and keeping them interested. If the job becomes too easy, they may get bored and not be engaged with their work. This could lead to them leaving for a position that offers them more challenges. Constantly challenge your talented sales staff. You can give them more responsibilities and larger accounts or territories to work if you feel like things are getting too easy for them.

At the end of the day attracting and retaining top talent is all about how you treat and challenge your staff. Talk to your employees and listen to their concerns and desires. If you treat them with respect and listen to them, you will have no problem attracting top-tier talent and ultimately retaining them for the long-term.


1 thought on “Five Stellar Tips to Help You Attract, Hire, and Retain the Top Sales Talent”

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