How Great Companies Find and Keep High-Performing Sales Talent

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A solid sales team propels your business forward. That team builds relationships with customers and helps you focus on long-term business growth.

It takes a lot of time to hire, train and onboard new sales talent. And when you find a professional with natural talent and sales skills who meshes with your company culture, you will want to have the right measures in place to ensure that they stick around.

When it comes to finding and retaining high-performing sales talent: What steps should you take to find them, and what retention methods should you use?

The Best Skills to Look Out for in Your Sales Team

As Forbes reminds, you need to find candidates with a real sales personality. While this makes up various aspects that are both teachable and natural, you’ll need the help of a recruitment agency to find the right types.

One of the key traits in the perfect salesperson is having the ability to nurture relationships. You’ll want to look at their resume and see examples where they were able to get things done by creating these relationships and using a sense of emotional intelligence.

Understanding feelings on an instinctual level is the real soul of selling well.

Still, you’ll want to look out for some other specific skills:

  • Hiring someone who already has some sales industry expertise.
  • Someone with a closer personality who knows how to persuade people to do things.
  • Those who know how to listen to concerns and avoid talking too much.

Going Through the Hiring Process

Analytics are a big part of finding the sales talent you need. The best recruiting agencies are going to thoroughly vet your candidates this way so the latter better fits into your company culture.

You’ll want to look for some other special traits once your recruiting agency starts creating a short list of prospects. In some cases, these traits are based on demands of consumers today that go beyond the ordinary sales skill sets.

One of those is the ability to become a teacher or helper rather than just a closer. Many consumers today want a sales staff who work like consultants rather than typical salesmen from the past.

Also look out for sales reps who already use and understand sales analytics. Much like your recruiting agency using analytics, so should your sales staff to help them understand their clients.

Be sure they have digital marketing skills as well since a lot of selling is going to occur online as much as in the field.

How Do You Keep Your Talented Sales Team?

Like in all companies, you need to keep your sales team inspired to uphold your company’s goals if you want them to stick around. The same goes in giving them some form of compensation structure. Aligning all incentives is one of the top reasons why sales staff would stay, though it’s not the only motivator.

Providing long-term career feedback is what your sales team needs as well so they continue to improve themselves. If they feel you don’t value what you do and don’t want them to grow, they’ll go elsewhere to find new horizons.

Non-financial rewards are also a good incentive for many. It’s not always about the money, and some of your sales staff may appreciate rewards like trips or further development programs.

Always keep in mind your sales staff simply want to feel valued. Financial incentives are always powerful. Yet, feeling satisfied they’re doing a good job for your company is going to keep your sales talent around indefinitely.

Finding the Right Sales Recruitment Partner

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