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Want to realise the potential of your sales team? Our acclaimed training courses teach delegates the most successful and proven techniques empowering them with key skills necessary for an accelerated career in sales. No matter what aspect of the sales industry you need to improve upon, the benefits of sales training programmes can be substantial and our comprehensive training solutions have it all covered. Our experience in employee training for organisations of any size, in any sector, ensures you’re using the most knowledgeable providers in the industry.

Below are examples of the open sales courses available.

Our Sales Training Courses

Take your whole team to the next level or brush up on your own skills with sales training courses from Inside Sales People. From learning the fundamentals through to sealing the deal with negotiation skills, we can help.

15+ Courses

A range of 50+ proven courses designed with Inside Sales people in mind, created specifically to get your staff performing fast.

40+ Modules

Tackle skills gaps in your team and address any issues head on with a bespoke sales training course from Inside Sales People. From High Impact Presenting, Sales Negotiation, Sales Management & Leadership – we do it all.

Bespoke Sales Training

Take your whole team to the next level or brush up on your own skills with sales training courses from Inside Sales People. From learning the fundamentals through to sealing the deal with negotiation skills, we can help.

Bespoke traninig

Because each and every company have their own individual needs and areas for development,  we offer tailored module sales training solutions. We can deliver module specific training and tailored results for your business through a consultative process.

100% Results Focused

We are 100% results driven and can provide measurable results for your business. We use a collaborative measuring process which tracks impact on your chosen KPIs.

Hear from our Graduates
Immacolata Bauer

Inside Account Manager – Promoted to Level 2 within 2 years, Level 3 within 3 years

I never realised I would be good at sales. It sounded hard but seemed lots of fun. I never realised that I could earn this amount of money and have this standard of living for me and my daughter. It was life changing.

Jeroen Klunder

Promoted to Level 3 within 2 years and is now a Field Account Manager in the Netherlands

I got offered a graduate program with a company in Cork which I decided to accept but this came first. The assessment was pretty difficult and uncomfortable but when I passed it I felt I had already achieved something and I wanted to keep going. My overall result was 3rd on the programme and I was offered a position. My time in Dublin was awesome for 2 years. I now work in The Netherlands as a Field Account Manager with a competition. I still refer to Sandler Techniques I learned and understand the value on Pipeline Generation / Qualification. It was a great experience which I never forget. Good Managers and colleagues but great friends.

Martin Leonhardt

Inside Account Manager Level 1 – Promoted to Level 3 within his time

The experience was great. I was unsure of what roles I should be applying to. I was still unsure of sales but when I went through the programme I knew it was for me. I was successful from my first quarter, gained a mentor, I met really great friends. It was the best experience I ever had.

Tailored training to empower your business

We readily design bespoke sales training solutions, assessments, consultations and other interventions, tailored to suit your business. Our courses are designed to assess, benchmark, develop and accredit your current and future sales force.

Results Driven

Our sales training approach is 100% driven by results. We view training as an investment in your staff which should deliver against set KPIs. This is why our bespoke training solutions are developed with KPIs established from the outset ensuring a substantial and meaningful ROI for our clients.

Expertise And Peace Of Mind

We’ve got the experience you’re after. We know this industry and we know its dynamics and challenges. Get the peace of mind from working with industry specialists where our team are immersed in the inside sales industry.

Read some of our reviews
Speed to Hire

Angus McGeachie, VP EMEA, Fujitsu

We have managed to hire multiple candidates in a day, which would normally take us 3-5 days ! It is excellent to see so many candidates in one go and get the team behind it…its about breathing life into the orgnaisation.

Competitive Advantage

Steve English, Director, General Business Sales EMEA VMware


Early Sales Talent if hired and developed correctly can give an organisation like VMWare a competitive edge by tapping into new talent pools, investing in people and building talent pipelines for future field requirements. Our partnership continues to strengthen as we look to evaluate other business areas that can benefit from Early Talent using this highly effective model.

hiring quality

Patrick Pando, VP Head of Cloud Sales, EMEA, SAP

“We have doubled our effectiveness in recruitment and retention, because we are getting the right people, in the right place at the right time.

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